The Abella

The history of our candle shop originates in the Raval, Barcelona, in 1862. It all began with our founder Francesca Abella and her desire to open her own candle shop.
Years later, and with her passion for the craft of candlemaking, Cerería Abella became a business where art, crafts, and crafts were intertwined to show a new universe where candles transformed and transgressed their origins. We invite you to discover all the collections of decorative candles and scented candles to start being part of it, the adventure continues…

The handmade candle chandelier in Barcelona

Behind each candle there is a piece of the history of the hands that created it. Unique pieces impregnated with the creative, open and Mediterranean character of the city that saw them born. Each candle is the result of the dedication of a master craftsman who, with passion and care, performs this unique trade. An essentially manual and leisurely trade that, like a candle flame, defies the whirlwind of time.

A chandelier with a lot of history

Francesca Abella is the great-great-grandmother of the current manager Antoni Anglès, the fifth generation in the family business. With the passage of time, the chandelier has been reinventing and evolving. One of the great stages of history was the change to electricity and gas in homes. Which implied stopping making consumer candles to light, to evolve towards a product more intended for decoration, well-being, events, family gatherings… The flame of a candle means welcoming, welcome and this essence is has impregnated into the products. Currently, one of the most commercial products in the world of candles are scented candles. The olfactory sense is one of those that is most connected to memory and that is the most attractive thing about working with perfumers. We are a company located in Barcelona and everything that is Mediterranean culture is what moves us. Everything is done by hand, and the organic concept defines us a lot. It is true that new trends are emerging in the market and we have to adapt. We are always merging with the pillar of Mediterranean culture, taking parts of those trends that interest us or from which extraordinary products can emerge.