Together we take care of the planet

Today, in the midst of the digital transformation and globalization of the markets, sustainability and ecological commitment are not a trend, but a need to be respectful of our planet. At Cerabella we are involved in this commitment to Mother Earth, by being responsible and aware of the non-waste of the natural resources it offers us. A duty of all that includes us both people and brands.

From Cerabella we work on a set of concrete actions and measures respectful with our environment, making our products and / or production processes more sustainable so that our activity and our candles generate the least possible environmental impact. With this objective, we identify products and actions with symbols that identify our ecological commitment.


CO2 emission reduction

82% of Cerabella’s suppliers are local companies: 64% are based in Catalonia and 84% are from the rest of Spain. This measure drastically reduces transport distances due to the supply of raw materials. On the other hand, 100% of the manufacture of our products takes place in our facilities located in the province of Barcelona.

Therefore, when you buy and / or consume Cerabella items, you have the guarantee that to manufacture them, it was not necessary to bring raw materials or finished products from the other side of the world. A great contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions on our planet.

Wax of «refús»

The “refús” is the wax that is recovered from already used candles. This wax is remelted and reused to make new candles. When you find this symbol on a Cerabella candle, it means that it is produced with this 100% recycled wax. This is the case, for example, of the candles in the Organic collection or of all Cerabella outdoor candles.

Precisely for this reason, when a candle with “refus” wax has been lit for a while, you can see that, under the first layer of white wax, the “refus” wax comes out, which usually has a darker color. This shows that the wax is 100% recycled.

Ecological stone

Ecological stone is a material made from recycled construction elements. It is a solid substance formed by a hydraulic conglomerate kneaded with water, aggregates, cement and clay it forms a mortar that we model with the shape of the container and, once hardened, it is a material as resistant and stable as concrete or concrete stone.

There are different collections of Cerabella candles whose container is made of ecological stone or «eco-stone». This is the case of the Prana collection or the original family of candles and outdoor accessories from the Organic collection. In the second case, moreover, the candle wax is “refús” wax, a perfect combination with ecological stone. All this 100% ecological!

Recycled glass containers

When you find this symbol on a candle, it means that the candle container is made from recycled glass. This is the case of the Hurracaines or Vtest collection. This glass has been manufactured from crushing recovered crystals until obtaining what is known as a glass hull that, through fusion processes at high temperatures, turns into a liquid mass that is molded into the shape of the new container and which in our facilities it is filled with wax to be converted into a candle.

By giving recycled glass a new use, we contribute to reducing energy consumption by 27%, we help to reduce atmospheric pollution by 20% and water by 50%, and it means saving natural resources that each kilogram of glass recovered replaces 1.2kg of virgin materials such as sand, soda, calcium carbonate, etc. Plus, once the candle wax has been consumed, we can perfectly reuse the container.

100% Recyclable and biodegradable cardboard packaging

At Cerabella we always try to use corrugated cardboard packaging, since it is a biodegradable material, in fact, after organic waste, it is the material that biodegrades the fastest (maximum 1 year). Besides, corrugated cardboard is 100% recyclable, this means that all of its elements can be recycled and, in fact, the paper that we find, depending on the length of the fibers, can even be recycled up to 7 times!

We are aware that a package of bright colors and satin textures can sometimes be more attractive and good looking, but we like unbleached cardboard because it is the material with the least environmental impact. Its manufacture generates 60% less CO2 emissions than the manufacture of packaging made of other materials and is a package that does not lose durability or resistance.

Paper recycling

In our central offices, we have cardboard containers so that our teams can deposit their paper documents that they wish to destroy. This is how we encourage and inspire our employees to recycle paper that is no longer useful to them. All confidential documentation is also recycled and destroyed at the P-3 level in the facilities of our approved and certified supplier according to the UNE-15713 and DIN-66.399 regulations. All of this paper is converted to shredded waste that allows for faster and easier recycling.

A clean way to give a new life to all the paper that is generated in our offices or due to our daily professional activity.

Selective waste management

Selective waste management consists of collecting differently the main volumes of waste generated both in the offices and in the production plant, in order to be able to take them to the selective collection center so that they can be recycled properly and controlled.

This selective management of our waste is carried out at the Cerabella facilities and these volumes are periodically taken to the specialized selective waste reception center for subsequent recycling. This allows saving natural resources and part of the energy necessary to manufacture the raw material products.